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As UNIFORM-Agri strongly believes that knowledge is the key to successful dairy farming, we do our best to educate dairy farmers worldwide the best we can. Below you can read articles about trends in the dairy industry.

Consultant webinar with Hans Vromans

In this recording of our webinar, guest speaker Hans Vromans talks about how you can easily and quickly find indicators in the UNIFORM herd management program to identify herd reproduction attention points. […]

Do you know the relation between SCC and Profitability?

Due to the demands requested by the legislation and the consumers of dairy products regarding milk quality, especially regarding Somatic Cell Count (SCC) […]

Utilities and realities of on-farm data use

Readers of this paper and professionals in the dairy sector are aware of the current situation in the milk production sector and how turbulent the 2021 year has been. Milk market prices have been more volatile […]

Consultant webinar with Pieter Passchyn

In this video of our webinar for consultants, Pieter Passchyn, veterinarian and nutritionist from Milk@vice Belgium will talk about the first screening of new customers by using the UNIFORM software. […]

Consultant webinar on Fertility and Udder Health

In this video of our consultant webinar, you can learn from two guest speaking veterinarians from Italy how they are solving problems of their customers farms by using UNIFORM. […]

Do you know the importance of the insemination rate?

Dairy farming is a very complex activity where different sectors can influence. Nutrition, welfare, reproduction, management, all work as a gear where if one of these sectors is not performing […]

Health analyses of dairy farms in the last 3 years in Europe

As in previous papers about farm comparison, the Dataset we use for these analyses and benchmark are a unique set of data from dairy farmers who all use […]

Production analyses of dairy farms in the last 3 years in Europe

The Dataset we use for these analyses and benchmark are a unique set of data from dairy farmers who all use the UNIFORM software for many years in 4 different […]

Reproductive performance of dairy farms in the last 3 years in Europe

In this paper we will talk about the reproductive performance in farms from the same four countries: The Netherlands , Belgium , Germany and UK […]

Development of dairy farms in the last 3 years Europe

There is a unique dataset of dairy farms in Europe that join the farm comparison of UNIFORM-Agri. With these datasets we can look at how the farms change because […]

Are your cows asking for comfort?

Have you ever noticed that your cows tell you what is going on with them? Read a text written by André Navarro Lobato, who explains a big challenge they have in […]

Impact of heat stress on animal performance

Did you know that second calf cows seem to be most sensitive to heat stress? Camilla Groenhoff studied the effect of heat stress on animal performance in the […]

Evaluate milk production using SPP

Imagine that you arrived at farm and faced two cows. The unique information that comes to you immediately is: one produces 25 L / day and the other 31 L / day. […}

Internet of things

Innovation in agriculture is constand and necessary for the sake of productive efficiency. We currently work with highly specialized hardware and standalone […}

Dutch Dairy Farming

The small, giant Netherlands as a reference to Brazilian Farmers. The Netherlands, along with many other European countries passed through important phases […}

The new era of dairy farming

A projection for the population by 2050 is that we reach 9.7 billion people on earth., approximately 2 billion more people to feed. […]

International Farm Comparison Project

Dairy farming has developed over recent years into a more professional and intensive process. There are still many differences among regions around the world. […]

Conception rate: how to analyze

All milk producers certainly have a similar desire “to have pregnant cows”. This is abvious, considering the product that brings the money, milk, comes after […]