The mission of UNIFORM-Agri is to support dairy farmers and their suppliers worldwide with the best and most user-friendly software solutions that helps to build a profitable and sustainable business. This way our herd management software helps to produce food in a more efficient way, which is key to be able to feed the growing population.

Every day thousands of dairy farmers around the world rely on their UNIFORM software for the daily administration and management reporting on their dairy herd. Continual product development and annual support contracts means that the UNIFORM software is always up to date for the latest changes in both hardware and software platforms, regulatory changes and industry practices.

Need we say more? Below you can find our top 8 benefits.

Easy data entry

Easy data entry is essential to a farmer in his/her daily work and in the possibility to analyze results later. Enter data once in the program and it will flow to the other on-farm systems and national institiutions.

User friendly interface

Our dashboard makes the software easy to use and navigate through the software. On the App we work with big icons for “farmer fingers”.

Practical analyses

Analyze the herd with pre-set analysis in easy to understand graphs. Fine-tune them by using the many possible filters.

Excellent service

We have a high educated helpdesk with actual experience in dairy farming. Our Aftersales team does not only help you to solve problems, but also helps you to understand your data.

Reliable & safe data

Data is validated when entered, so you cannot enter something that’s physically impossible. We make sure to regular backups are saved on an external server to have your data restored in case of a PC crash.

High quality App

The most daily used feature of the software, available for Android and iOS. Quick, easy & complete. Can be used by multiple persons at the same time.

Links to sensors

Link to robots, parlours, sensors and only enter your data once. Analyze and combine data from different brands in one application.

Individual on-boarding

We understand every farm and every farmer is different, so we will help to set up each program to the customers’ needs individually.

A bit about us

UNIFORM-Agri is an international company that develops, sells and supports management systems for dairy farmers all over the world. We are specialists in recording and managing dairy farm data and have developed close working relationships with the leading milking parlour manufacturers, milk recording companies and other industry partners worldwide.

Our International Helpdesk based in Assen in the Netherlands will work with you to setup, install and support your management software, providing friendly telephone advice and online PC-to-PC support. We can communicate with customers in twelve different languages and our software is now available in over thirty three different languages. With an agricultural passion our highly educated support team are proud to communicate with a ‘farmer’s heart and ICT know how’ so that when you need help you are straight through to a specialist who really understands your business.

Our partners

To guarantee a high quality and up to date program we work together with many partners internationally, such as:

blondin sires

Our dealers

To maintain high service we have builded an international network of dealers of our product. Our dealers are: