Solution for milk test companies (MTM)

The Milk Test Manager program (MTM) was developed for milk test organizations to be able to process milk test data and provide the results to the farms. It combines the lab results with the other required data to generate an official milk test result file or document.

The database of the program runs on a server in the cloud. The milk test organization has a desktop client to enter/process/modify/delete data. The web interface uses a REST API to log in with credentials on the server, and the sampling app will use an API to synchronize data(app can be used offline).
MTM can be modified to the reporting preferences and working methods of the milk test organization and/or it’s country when it is sold.

General sample process:

  1. Scheduling sample date and set preferences
  2. Send sample form and sample equipment (if needed)
  3. Sample session on farm
  4. Synchronize the milk recording data from app to MTM and send samples to lab. (the lab can be the same or a different location)
  5. Data processing
  6. Generate report
  7. Sending results back to Farmer

Milk test companies MTM

Sample process in MTM:

  1. Farm details and preferences are entered in the program for each farm that participates in milk sampling once. After that only the new sampling date is entered and optional tests can be selected.
  2. A recording sheet on paper or app is provided to the farmer or sample taker that contains all the cows on farm eligible for sampling.
  3. General animal data is provided by the national animal movement organization and combined with the recorded data (milk yields and sample identification) and linked to the lab results.
  4. When all required data is complete, the MPR report for the farmer is generated containing group summaries, monthly overviews, SPP calculation, 305 days production prediction and individual sample results.
  5. The generated report is send back to the farmer in the way he prefers, paper, e-mail and/or to his management program.

For more information on our program for milk test companies, please contact our sales team.