Thoben GbR, Aurich Dietrichsfeld, Germany

Thoben GbR

Ostfriesland, Germany

270 dairy cows

UNIFORM Global Professional

Our farm is at the coast and is a family business since 1990. My parents came with 20 cows from Tannenhausen to Dietrichsfield and have expanded the herd with another 120 cows in the late ’80’s. At that time farming was real simple, you had one bull among your cows and all cows were pregnant. But with the growth came new repsonsibilities. At the same time the decreasing income forced us to optimize our activities. After a course in insemination I started to treat the fertility of our herd more frequently. Since then we have started to use our data of the milking controle to evaluate the performance of our herd several times, with positive outcome. However, I could never find the right system, until I heard about UNIFORM-Agri from the company CRI Genetics. Until then there wasn’t a program that has met our needs.

With the weekly pregnancy checks, fresh cow checks, Ov-sync history, medicines etc. you suddenly have so many appointments that in the end you get lost without any coordination and reminders. After the initial scepticism I have decided to choose for UNIFORM-Agri. We have bought the program, and I must say that I haven’t made a mistake. Since that time I have a certain routine and have my daily tasks visible in one glance. The program support me in my daily tasks with a very useful schedule and treatment plans, which I have created earlier. With the program one can really accomplish more tasks with the herd, with the help of lists which you can edit yourself. The program reminds you of cows that need attention, based on data you have entered before, so nothing gets lost anymore. And when you don’t know it yourself, there is always a helpdesk to assist you. Until now I have always been helped successfully, when something didn’t seem to work at the first glance.

The program is a great support for me , I can do everything in one place: data analysis, data entry, stock records and a lot more. I can only recommend it, the program will pay itself back for large and small companies!