Afimilk Now Offers UNIFORM-Agri Software

UNIFORM-Agri, the Netherlands, recently entered an agreement with Afimilk, Israel, for supplying herd management software with national interfaces.

This cooperation will enable farmers with Afimilk’s farm management solutions to use all national interfaces of UNIFORM. Afimilk’s solutions include parlor automation, milk sensors, cow sensors, and software.

For this cooperation, both companies have developed new interfaces between their systems for improved data exchange. UNIFORM can now interface with two software solutions from Afimilk: Silent Herdsman, an easy to use cow monitoring software, as well as with AfiFarm, Afimilk’s comprehensive farm management software.

The concept of the integration is designed to optimize the user experience between the two software products, to as smooth as possible.

UNIFORM-Agri with its experienced team will provide support for the UNIFORM software.

Afimilk will continue to supply its AfiFarm software to farmers. When the farmer desires the national interfaces not supported directly by Afimilk software, Afimilk will supply UNIFORM software too as a link with this interface.

Additionally, the cooperation will allow farmers to integrate with other systems they may be using – for example, integrating Afimilk’s sensors with a farm which uses a milking parlors of other brands.

Farmers interested in using their benefits from this new cooperation can contact their Afimilk representatives for more information.