Lucille Roux, France

Lucille Roux


After Sales

Started in 2022

UNIFORM-Agri has welcomed a new French colleague Lucille Roux! We would like to introduce Lucille, read her story here!

My name is Lucille Roux, I am a 25 year old French agronomist engineer. I studied agronomy with a specialization in plant breeding. Before joining UNIFORM-Agri I spent two years working on a maize crop model. I did a lot of programming, testing and documentation. I also worked for two short months for a big dairy farm close to my home (they have about 250 Frisonne cows). Obviously my background is plant and
IT oriented, so I have a lot to learn about dairy farming.

“I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and starting this new journey!”

On the personal side, I live with my partner, whom I will marry in June. I particularly enjoy outside activities like gardening, hiking and cycling with my partner. For 2023, we have the project to cycle from home to Edinburgh which is more or less an 800 km itinerary. The longest ride I have ever done is 100 km. Intense training sessions await me. I have a growing passion for knitting, spinning yarn and sheep. The next step is to build a small sheep flock (and maybe other fiber animals if my partner lets me) to spin my own wool.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and starting this new journey!