Christiane Wagner, Germany


Bavaria, Germany


Support Manager

Started in 2019

Christiane Wagner started working on the German help desk in January 2019 and in this interview, she tells more about herself, her background and what her work in UNIFORM-Agri entails.

“It’s also really nice that UNIFORM-Agri also gives the opportunity to discover yourself and grow. You immediately feel stronger when such trust is placed in you.”

Who are you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello, my name is Christiane and I am from southern Germany, more precisely from Bavaria. I started working at UNIFORM-Agri in January 2019, right after college. I like to be around people, but also to enjoy the peace and quiet. In addition to meeting friends and small celebrations in the neighborhood, I also enjoy being out in nature, hiking and enjoying the time-out.

I grew up on my parents’ farm, then studied agriculture and still help on the farm today. I now work at UNIFORM-Agri as an Aftersales Manager for support, especially for the German speaking customers. But as the company is very flexible, I also work in marketing and on projects.

After completing my degree in agriculture, it was clear to me that I wanted to work in the technical field of agriculture. However, my focus is not on large tractors or agricultural equipment used in fields, I’ve always been more interested in the barn. Now the technical area of agriculture is not exactly small, so I investigated what should I do, what interests me and where do I see my future?

I got to know UNIFORM-Agri through an exhibition. After a few personal conversations, I got to know really nice colleagues and I felt that I was in good hands – it became clear to me that this is where my affinity for the technical side of agriculture lies. So, I took the plunge and started at UNIFORM-Agri and I have not regretted it. There are a few kilometers between my home office and the headquarters in Assen, but they had offered me the option of working at home and in the office from the start. Cooperation between colleagues is very important in the company, regardless of whether they live on the other side of the ocean or just two doors away.

It’s also really nice that UNIFORM-Agri also gives the opportunity to discover yourself and grow. You immediately feel stronger when such trust is placed in you.

How do you keep updated on developments in the sector?
I get information from exhibitions and magazines. Of course, the work with our customers and dealers also contributes. Discussions with veterinarians and industry organizations are also important.

What advice can you give people looking for a job at UNIFORM-Agri?
The most important thing is you should like what you do.

If you also like to work in the technical field of agriculture and are looking for challenges, are looking for a company that supports you and values you, THEN YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT UNIFORM-Agri. Of course, you should not be afraid of global communications and communications to customers and dealers either.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
My vocational future? I see me working in the dairy sector, more precisely in the digitalization sector. During my studies, I never believed that I would ever be active in this sector. But my thesis was already about this topic and I see the future for the dairy sector in the digitalization. And I still enjoy working with farmers and cows.