DairyLive download (for existing customers)

If you are an existing customer of DairyLive you can download the software. DairyLive isn’t accepting new customers, if you are looking for herd management software we would recommend our software from UNIFORM-Agri.

  • Click here to begin downloading DairyLive.

  • Save the downloaded file to your hard disk. Make note of where you save it to..

  • When it has finished downloading, use your My Computer icon to find the file. Then double-click on the file to start the setup program.

  • Leave this page up until you have successfully downloaded the file. If the download fails, you can restart it by clicking on the link again. You may need to disable your anti-virus software in order to download and install the program.

If you are having trouble downloading the program, you can contact our helpdesk on our phone number: +1 800-642-5808. We will be happy to help!