Maximize your Action Lists


Maximize your Action Lists Amp up your efficiency by creating chore lists for specific groups, adding a hoof trim action list to your app, and using the Action Calendar to plan the week. Check out the video for these quick tips and tricks! If you need more help, please [...]

Maximize your Action Lists2024-03-15T11:40:07+01:00

Somatic cell count analysis


Somatic cell count analysis In this new video, we show you where to find somatic cell count analysis tools from functional milk controls in our software and how to interpret the corresponding values in the form of both tables and graphs. If you need more help, please contact our [...]

Somatic cell count analysis2023-03-23T10:21:58+01:00

Healthy software


Healthy software In this new video, we show you how you keep your software "healthy" and up to date. We show how you keep your software running its proper backups, be they manual or automatic. Also, how to update to the newest version of the software, which keeps it working smoothly and a few other [...]

Healthy software2024-04-23T11:18:45+02:00

Herd reporting


Herd reporting In this new demo movie we will explain you everything about 2.11 and 2.12 in the UNIFORM program, the Milking system monitoring and Milking times analysis. If this is something you haven't used before or if you are not yet that familiar with, then take a look at this video.   [...]

Herd reporting2023-03-23T14:53:33+01:00

Report writer


Report writer Report writer is a handy module when you get the need to create a user defined report. In this movie we explain you briefly how to extract those reports from you UNIFORM software. If you need more help, please contact our helpdesk. For more information on our [...]

Report writer2023-03-23T14:56:17+01:00

Animal Record


Animal record In this movie we show the various pages we have on Animal Record. How to edit the information, the print preview, how to take a look at the calendar, milk recordings (based on milk meter, milk recordings, lactations), pedigree (how to see the family tree) and how to check health conditions and movements. [...]

Animal Record2023-03-23T11:49:21+01:00

Action Calendar


Action Calendar The action calendar in the UNIFORM-Management program gives you insight into which activities have to be done per day of the week. This is useful when the vet comes over or when you hand over the work to someone else or if you just want to see for yourself what activities [...]

Action Calendar2022-07-11T12:35:00+02:00
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