Almudena Molinero Argüello, Spain

Pamplona, Spain

Veterinarian / Sales Manager

Started in 2017

Who are you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello! My name is Almudena, I’m from Northern Spain. I’m a curious person, I like to spent time and chat with friends, I love to travel (if it is doing backpacking, better!), go hiking and skiing. When I want to be more relaxed, I like listening to music, dancing and going to the cinema. I would like to be a pro dancer in jazz and lindy hop, but I have to admit it is more a hobby, I’m not that good! I have passion for animals and wildlife conservation, and that is the main reason I decided to study Veterinary Medicine.

How long do you work for UNIFORM-Agri?
I’ve been working at UNIFORM-Agri since spring of 2017, so like 3 years and a half.

What do you do for UNIFORM-Agri?
I work as sales representative for Spanish market, I also do some sales in Portugal. But, since UNIFORM-Agri is a flexible company and there is a lot of transversal teamworking and collaboration between departments, I also work in Marketing, a bit in customer support or advice and I’m involved in some parts of the development of our program, in data analysis parts.

“I have colleagues all over Europe and in South and Northern America, but we work as if there wasn’t time differences. It feels really close to everybody.”

What do you like about working for UNIFORM-Agri?
As I said before, the flexibility and teamworking. It is very handy in my daily work to have direct contact with my colleagues in marketing, or with product developers or product testers. It gives a lot of confident and make us get involved as a whole team.

I also appreciate that it is an international company, I have colleagues all over Europe and in South and Northern America, but we work as if there wasn’t time differences. It feels really close to everybody. It is very helpful to hear different points of view when you receive inputs. It really helps to grow and in improve in your job and as person.

How are you related to dairy farming?
I am a veterinarian and I have passion for cows, specially dairy cows. I like to work in dairy farming because cows are easier to handle than most beef cows. And because I like to work with farmers. As a vet student, I realized I enjoyed much more my time and work with farmers than with pets’ owners. I think these are basically the reasons that any vet working in dairy farming would answer.

I also have some Veterinary Medicine background in my mother’s family: my grandfather was a cattle vet and my uncle is a dairy vet too.

What are you working on now?
Right now I am working a lot in new sales, we are running a promo during the end of this year and is giving me a lot of work, which is very good! I am also preparing next year’s work, planning marketing actions for the local market.

What can you advise people looking for a job at UNIFORM-Agri?

  • If you want to work in a diverse company, this is your place to work!
  • If you love dairy farming and want to work and to hand with farmers and dairy consultants on their daily work, this is your place to work!
  • If you want flexibility at work, opportunities to grow and welfare, this is your place to work!
  • If you like transparency and open communication in a company, this is your place to work!

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I see myself working in dairy sector, more in the industry side, as I do now. And I think I will keep following the path of digitalization of dairy farms, Ag-tech is the future.