Version: 5.4 upwards (Desktop)

These requirements are solely for the UNIFORM management program. System requirements of other programs might deviate from the UNIFORM system requirements.

Minimum Advised
Operating System: Windows 10*** Windows 10*/***
Screen Resolution: 1280×1024** 1920×1080, if separate
monitor >23’’
Free disk space: 4 GB 8 GB or higher
Ram: 4 GB 8 GB or higher
Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) Intel i3 5th gen or similar AMD Intel i5 8th gen or higher or AMD Ryzen Zen 2 or higherr
Drive: HDD SSD
Com port (in case of a link through the com port):* 1 2
Internet connection

* Its advised to check if the process computer software is compatible with windows 10/11. For certain links a pro version is needed!
** For Dutch customers the weather is only showed on the dashboard from 1920×1080.
*** Only registered, legal and updated Windows are supported

UNIFORM App (Smartphone)
Minimum Advised
Operating System: Android 8.1
iOS 14
Android 13.0 or higher
iOS 16.6 or higher
Screen Resolution: No minimum, but will limit user
Higher than 480 x 800
Internal memory: 1024MB 1500MB or more
The app on Android can communicate with the following stickreaders:
  • Allflex RS420-60 + RS320-3-45
  • Allflex AWR250 + AWR300
  • Allflex APR250 + APR600
  • Allflex LPR
  • Gallagher HR4 + HR5
  • XRS2i + SRS2i
  • FELIXCAN Universal II
  • Nedap IDNote + V-Scan